China’s good cushion car deacons shape the three standard of cushions

In 2009, the Toyota “foot pad door” incident should be remembered. Toyota’s displacement of the car’s foot pads may affect the accelerator pedal operation, resulting in unexpected acceleration of the vehicle, while recalling nearly 10 million vehicles worldwide, directly losing more than $1 billion. * Nearly, the owner Xiao Deng was almost horrified because of the accident of car crash caused by the displacement of the car seat during the emergency. The original owner Xiao Deng recently purchased a certain brand of car seat on the Internet. After installing it on the car, the seat cushion is not tight, the friction is insufficient, and the emergency brake is applied. The body slips out from the seat cushion. Fixing people has not caused even greater danger. Xiao Deng said to a friend afterwards that buying a car seat can not be sloppy, and must choose a safe and comfortable cushion.

One of the criteria for a good cushion: the installation is firm and the friction is sufficient.

Most of the car seat cushions sold on the market and on the Internet are mainly general-purpose, but the universal seat cushion often does not take into account the difference in the seat structure of each model. There is no scientific installation method, and it is difficult to avoid sliding after installation. Shift. Traditional universal cushions, due to process limitations, are mostly stiff and smooth on the surface, and it is difficult to fit the seat to the seat, resulting in insufficient friction, which makes it easy for the passenger’s body to slip out during an emergency. Therefore, the installation is stable and the friction is sufficient, and it becomes a standard for ensuring safety and selecting a seat cushion. The 3D stereo cushion recently launched by the car deacon advocate of the special car seat cushion satisfies this standard.

The car deacon 3D three-dimensional seat cushion adopts the special car-specific version, tailor-made for the seat size of the special model. When the surface of the seat cushion is matched with the seat size, a special fabricating process is used to make the seat cushion and the seat. The groove fits and the pad changes. A seat belt socket is also reserved in the rear seat cushion to remind you to fasten your seat belt even if you are in the rear seat of the car.

The second standard of good cushions: comfortable, beautiful, ventilated and breathable.

The * seats in the car, just sit up and often cold in winter, like hot snow, and hot in the summer, so there is a place for car cushions. Good car seat selection must take into account the comfort, health and characteristics of the cushion season, especially the summer cushion, which will directly contact the occupants’ skin, so the selection of materials needs to be considered. The car seat special car seat cushion, using Jieka antibacterial silk, polyester silk, polyester silk three major materials, not only dehumidification, sweating, cool and breathable, its natural cotton textile material also has antibacterial mother liquor, both deodorant antibacterial, natural It is environmentally friendly and fresh, and it has the comfort and softness of natural cotton, and it feels very comfortable.

The third standard of good cushions: outstanding taste, harmonious match.

Buy car seat cushions, but also pay attention to the matching degree between the seat cushion and the car. Good horses are equipped with good saddles, good cars sit on the mats, and unsuitable car seat cushions not only affect the overall impression of the vehicle, but also reflect the taste of the owner himself. It is called “big and old”. The overall color of a good car seat should be consistent with the overall color of the interior, and focus on the owner’s preference while trying to achieve a harmonious mix.

The deacon is the crystallization of Tianjin Jianlian’s 20-year-old car seat cushion. From general-purpose cushions to special-purpose vehicles, from simple car seat cushions to tailor-made service brands, driving is a pleasure. The journey becomes a kind of happiness, the cushion changes with the music, and it says to the depression.


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