Summer is coming, cool cushions are really useful or pure flickering

The hot summer is coming soon. Should I equip the car with a cool cushion?

Generally, I hate the summer most. I am fat, but I am particularly afraid of heat. Although I haven’t entered the summer, the temperature is quite high in these days. When I get into the car, it is very hot. The seat is hot ass. Those cool cushions sold online, do not know useful and useless, do not know which one to choose, ask God to advise!

No one can change the four solar terms in spring, summer, autumn and winter, so we only have to start the self-help mode. Some time ago, watching a TV station had a program that was invented and created. It was roughly hollowed out in the middle of the car seat. It was inserted into the inside from the bottom of the car. The other end of the pipe was connected to the air conditioner. Blow in the chair. A good invention, there are drawbacks, air conditioning blowing for a long time, the body can not stand. The main building is not afraid, you can go online to search to see if there is any modification.

As for the cool seat cushion you said, is there any use? I will give you analysis and analysis and you will know. In summer, the weather is hot, and the car is no longer exposed to the sun. The temperature inside is also higher than the outside of the car. The car seat is able to burn the rhythm of the butt. So most people choose to buy a cushion. Is there any use?

First, the psychological role, in fact, just like spending money to buy root ice cream, I feel that eating ice cream will immediately cool down, no longer hot. After eating it, I found that it was useless or just a little use. The seat cushion is the same. At the beginning, the map is fresh and put on. I will feel that it is really cool. Once this fresh period is over, it will be broken, how can it start again? It’s hot. In fact, it is not hot. It is very hot in itself, but if you spend money, you will think that it will be useful if you spend money.

Second, the actual effect, online or physical store to exaggerate the role of the cool seat cushion, but it is completely useless, at least you should sit on it will feel cool than without the seat cushion, plus air conditioning The role of the seat cushion is to heat up quickly, so it is still useful. But the exaggerated claims on the Internet are not good enough.

Third, how to choose, a variety of cushions to see is dazzling, but also from a few hundred to thousands, I heard that there are tens of thousands of foreign imports. To be honest, the seat cushions are sold to tens of thousands. Thousands of quicks may be handmade, that is, the manpower is the most valuable. Everyone can buy according to their own economic strength. Generally, it is a bamboo or grass cushion, a linen cushion, a buffalo cushion, an ice silk cushion, and a jade cushion. I don’t recommend the jade seat cushion here. It sounds good, but if the jade is exposed for a long time, it will burn the skin. Generally, we choose bamboo weaving or grassy, ​​cool, sell cheap, it is fading, love bugs, easy to dirty. The linen cushion has the reputation of “natural air conditioning”, which absorbs sweat and is breathable, and the natural thing is harmless to the human body. But these two should be cleaned frequently. If some rich people pursue quality, they can also choose buffalo leather. Not only is it breathable but also beautiful, it is easy to wear. But for the rich, it is not awkward, and it will be changed. Then there is the ice silk, the ice silk has a slow heat absorption and good ventilation. This pad is the same as the ice silk top, and it is cooler when worn.

However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of these cool seat cushions. In summer, people who sweat more than the seat cushion are prone to moisture and mildew, and should be cleaned frequently. And they are all relatively slippery. If you can’t sit still, you can easily get a traffic accident. When choosing, not only must you choose comfort, but also whether it can protect your seat and reduce seat wear.


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