The new type of chair cushion has been developed, so let’s take a look!

Lead: Now everyone’s car seat will have a small pillow to protect the head, but the seat does not match the curve of the human body, which makes us sometimes tired when driving, because the entire back is suspended Many people put their goals on the seat cushions, but can the installation cushions really work? Now there is a new kind of cushion, so let’s take a look at it!

Before learning about the chair cushion, Xiaobian will take you to the seat cushion that we are likely to use. Many netizens have installed seat cushions for their cars in order to be more comfortable. The leather seat cushions are very high-end, and they feel that all kinds of high-end atmospheres are graded. But now everyone’s awareness of safety is getting higher and higher. Everyone knows that installing seat cushions will hinder the airbag’s pop-up, and the seat cushions will gradually be abandoned by some old drivers. Xiao Bian also suggested: If you really like the seat cushion, but also looking for the kind of seat without any covering on both sides, the belt can not!

After you have finished the seat cushion that can make a difference, let’s take a look at our lovely cushions! Nowadays, the cushions on the market can’t be denied that they can play a role. The gap between our back and the seat is also significantly reduced! But we can also see that the seat cushions on the market are too small. The support is not enough, the resilience is obviously insufficient! Just turned up and deformed! Even if it is on, it has no effect!

Xiaobian recommended to everyone, is the cushion made of 3D space memory cotton, this is not to use your back to fit the cushion, if it does not fit the whole body will be empty, but according to your back The curve is adjusted, and if you change someone, you can change your position very much! And the 3D space memory cotton is very strong, even if the 1.8-ton Audi is completely open. Can be restored as ever!


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