Three standards of good car cushions

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Three standards of good car cushions

In 2009, the Toyota "foot pad" incident should be remembered. The displacement of Toyota's foot pads could affect the operation of the accelerator pedal and cause unintended acceleration of the vehicle, while nearly 10 million vehicles were recalled worldwide with direct losses of over $1 billion. Recently, car owner Deng was horrified when his car seat shifted in an emergency, leading to a car accident. It turns out that the car owner Deng recently purchased a brand of car seat online. After installation to the car, due to the seat cushion is not tight, the friction is not enough, when the emergency brake. The body slipped off the seat cushion. Fortunately did not cause greater danger. Deng said afterwards to friends, buy car seats can not be sloppy, be sure to choose a safe and comfortable cushion.

One of the criteria for a good cushion is: firm installation and sufficient friction.

Most of the car cushions sold on the market and on the network to universal type, but universal cushions often do not take into account the differences in the structure of the seat of each model. There is no scientific method of installation, and it is difficult to avoid sliding after installation. Traditional universal seat cushion due to process limitations, the surface is mostly raw and smooth, and the seat is difficult to fit, resulting in insufficient friction, the body of the passenger in an emergency is easy to slide out. Therefore, the installation of stable, sufficient friction, become the standard to ensure the safety and selection of seat cushion. The recently launched 3D three-dimensional car cushion meets this criterion.

The 3D three-dimensional seat cushion uses a special version for the car, tailored to the seat size of the special model. When the surface of the seat cushion matches the size of the seat, a special production process is used to make the seat cushion and the seat. The recess fits and the cushion changes. A seat belt socket is also reserved on the rear seat cushion to remind you to fasten your seat belt even in the back seat of the car.

The second criterion of good cushion: comfortable, beautiful, ventilated and breathable.

The seat in the car, just sit on it, often cold as snow in winter, and hot in summer, so the car cushion is necessary. Good car cushion selection must take into account the comfort, health and seasonal characteristics of the cushion, especially the summer cushion, will be in direct contact with the skin of the occupants, so the choice of materials need to be considered. Car seat special car cushion, using clean antibacterial silk, polyester silk, polyester silk three major materials, not only dehumidification, sweat, cool and breathable, its natural cotton textile materials also have antibacterial liquid, both deodorant antibacterial, natural. It is both environmentally friendly and fresh, and has the comfort and softness of natural cotton, very comfortable to the touch.

The third criterion of good cushion: outstanding style, with the harmony.

Buy car seat cushion, but also pay attention to the degree of matching the seat cushion with the car. A good horse with a good saddle, a good car sitting on a good cushion, inappropriate car seat cushion not only affects the overall impression of the vehicle, but also reflects the taste of the owner himself. The overall color of a good car seat cushion should be consistent with the overall color of the interior, and try to achieve a harmonious match while focusing on the owner's preference.